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An out-of-date, poorly performing website will cost you much more than the cost of updating it!

You could be missing out on countless new leads that are immediately put off by your badly designed website. Don’t let your site be the cause of poor sales performance one more day! Sign up to our monthly website package and watch as your business transforms.

Hand-coded unique websites for every customer

We make custom, hand-coded websites that meet all requirements requested of us. Many companies stick to using generic themes and templates for their clients, but that’s where we differ. A generic off-the-shelf site will let you down in the long term and will give you no flexibility at all. If you are offering website design as a service, it is much easier to sell a customized service as there is so much more flexibility than with templates. You need a website that performs

While WordPress might seem like a simple solution to your website woes, it could actually harm your business in the long run! Our customized websites perform better, meet your needs and are much more secure. They can also be enhanced whenever needed in the future as your business continues to grow.

We also offer website tracking and analytics so that you can keep up to date with everything you need to know to keep a successful website up and running. Click here to find out more about our web tracking package

The benefits of a customized site.

If you are still asking yourself why you need to outsource the design and management of your customized site to us, read on to find out exactly how you will benefit:

  • Access to expert designers and high-tech resources
  • Save time and energy
  • Ensure you are following the latest marketing trends
  • The ability to white label all our services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Interactive websites
  • On-time project delivery
  • Lower error rates

A customized site vs an off-the-shelf product


The list of reasons why you should choose a customized site is endless but includes:

  • Higher Google ranking
  • SEO friendly
  • Designed for print media and digital marketing
  • Unique
  • Designed to your exact specifications
  • A wise investment
  • Updated regularly and moves with the ever-changing tech times

Essentially, the only reason to choose an off-the-shelf-product is cost. However, with our cost-effective monthly package a customized site will no longer price itself out of your budget!

At MSP Expediter, we offer continued support for our customized sites. We build professional, unique sites, help to develop your online branding and take control of the day-to-day running of the site should you need us to.

A customized site shows your clients that you’re serious about your business. If you take them seriously, they’ll take you seriously.

Why Choose Us?

Client satisfaction is our top priority and there is never any compromise on that. Our expert design, development and content teams listen to your requirements and deliver a professional, unique site within your budget. You are fully involved in the entire development and design process and will be consulted at all times and before any decisions are made. Nothing will go live until you are 100% satisfied!

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for a website that you won’t even understand how to use or configure.

With a one-time setup fee of just $450 and a $250-a-month plan, your business can have its very own customized website with unlimited revisions. There are no huge fees, no hidden costs and no annual contract. We have month-to-month contracts with just 10-days notice.

Sign up for a monthly package now and see how a fully functional website can transform your business.


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