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Web Tracking

Web Tracking

Is your website receiving traffic but no conversions? If so, our tracking systems will help!

Web tracking will flag up all issues which we will then resolve and use the insights to move your business forward.

With our web tracking package, you will see in-depth details about each user visiting your website. You will have information on where they are from, what they do and which pages they visit. The software we use enables users to scrub for contact details despite visitors not filling in a contact form.

Every website we create is integrated with Google Analytics, but there is much more data processing in the background to give every user a wealth of information. With the right information, it’s possible to turn visitors into customers and follow up to turn those customers into repeat customers.

High performing web tracking monthly package

Choose to outsource your web tracking to us and reap the benefits. Generating leads and closing sales has never been easier through our use of top end software such as Web Tracker, Visitor ID and Call Tracker.

What is Web Tracker and how should you use it?

Want to see what people are doing on a website in an actual video? Web Tracker will do this

In a recorded video, you can see what users do, where they scroll, what they click on, which page or content they visit the longest and where they may be facing any issues and leaving. THIS GIVES MORE INSIGHT THAN ANY OTHER DATA ANALYTICS DASHBOARD OUT THERE.

How Visitor ID will benefit your company

How is it possible to convert traffic into prospects and leads? Simple. Visitor ID is fully capable of scrubbing every user for their contact information by tracking their public IPs all the way back to global databases available on Google, LinkedIn and more.

This means that once a user has visited your website with an IP address which has been registered anywhere on the web, that information will be captured by Visitor ID. You will then be able to see their LinkedIn profile, company name, revenue, page views, how long they spent on the website and what their contact information is, all without them filling out a contact form.

Call Tracker is a MUST

Call tracker is the only software you need for recording calls and monitoring users.

Find out who is calling, where they are calling from; display specific numbers from a pool of numbers; track cookies and route to another number. The options are endless with this crucial software.

Will web analytics really help?

Are you still wondering how web tracking and analytics will directly help you?

It is only when you analyze your data that you can maximize lead generation.

Without it, you cannot tell which of your pages are most popular, which are converting more leads, which put visitors off and how your website is performing overall. Without tracking, valuable leads will be lost on a regular basis and valuable information will be wasted.

Analytics and other tracking systems will also help with individual campaigns – informing on which areas have been successful and whether you need to adjust anything specific for each campaign.

Month-to-month contracts – no hidden clauses

Our contracts run on a month-to-month basis FOR JUST $120 PER MONTH! Not only that, we also offer a 10-DAY NOTICE PERIOD should your situation change.

Why outsource your web tracking to us?

We are wholly confident that there is no better offer around. Our expert developers and web tracking team provide a service that is second-to-none and a huge array of services to increase web performance, conversion rates and customer satisfaction!

Start improving your lead generation today by purchasing our web tracking package. Can you really afford not to?


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