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Targeted and Effective marketing for companies of all sizes

Turn your leads into paying clients with targeted telemarketing that we organize and manage for you. Our approach starts at scrubbing for leads, qualifying them and then following up regularly to close the deal. We don’t stop until you have the result you’re looking for.

With our brand new monthly package, we do all the hard work, leaving you free to concentrate on your new clients.

We offer the chance to turn your telemarketing around and take advantage of this cost-effective way to successfully build your client list.

A successful telemarketing campaign is time-consuming and needs to be consistent in order to work. We have a dedicated and highly experienced team working on your behalf. We take care of everything from start to finish.


Here at MSP Expediter, we work for you and your business. Every single one of our telemarketers us fully trained in TMTK campaigns and receive at least 10 days training in this. They are also fully trained in Infusionsoft and turboDial.

Every MSP is assigned a primary and secondary telemarketer so in essence, you will receive your very own telemarketer and with that comes a personalized, efficient and professional service.

Despite working remotely, your telemarketer IS part of your team. They will answer all queries on your behalf and take on the responsibility for converting every lead they take on!

What calls do you get for your money?

  • Up to 2 calls for list scrubbing
  • Up to 5 calls for a 1-step campaign
  • Between 5-7 calls for webinar/Seminar booking

Simple payment procedure

Each project is charged at a different rate and every month might require different tasks. Therefore, we have designed a simple payment procedure which includes tokens. You buy contact tokens which are used to pay for the activities you need month-on-month.

$1 = 1 token.

It’s simple. You buy a block on a recurring monthly schedule which are then used for different activities throughout the month.

Tokens roll over!

Not only that, the tokens roll over every month so you really do only PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE!

All we need to know is which campaign you want to run and how many contacts are in the campaign and we will take over the rest.

Pricing Format:

  • Call scrubbing: 2 tokens per contact
  • 1-step campaign: 3 tokens per contact
  • 3-step campaign: 4 tokens per contact
  • Webinar/Seminar: between 4-6 tokens per contact

Month-to-month contracts – no hidden clauses

Our contracts run on a month-to-month basis and have just a 10-day notice requirement should your situation change without warning.

How do you benefit?

If you are still wondering how you and your business might benefit, you simply need to look at the HIGH CONVERSION RATES. Other advantages of outsourcing your telemarketing to us include:

  • Interactive and personalized sale service
  • Improved relationships and rapport with customers
  • Dealing with a large call volume, having daily reports and all call recordings available
  • Expert knowledge on the industry
  • Global sales ability
  • The ability to measure results and see ROI in real-time
  • Discounts available for Infusionsoft

Why You Need Telemarketing

A successful telemarketing campaign removes the worry of expensive and extravagant marketing campaigns if you don’t have the budget. Client-based businesses benefit immensely from a strategic telemarketing campaign.

You may not be aware, but almost 50% of sales teams give up after one follow-up. We are different. Our telemarketers ensure that leads are scrubbed for all possible details to make rapport building seamless with following up being a crucial part of the plan!

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in and work directly with your Infusionsoft and are certified Infusionsoft partners. As a result of using turboDial, our telemarketers WILL MAKE APPROXIMATELY 125 CALLS EVERY DAY FOR YOU.

No other company offers these numbers.

We charge far lower bonus fees than our competitors:

Just $10 each for the registration and attendance of webinars/seminars and just $25 each for the booking and sitting of appointments. Most companies charge in excess of $100.

Our prices are lowered even further for those who already use Infusionsoft.

Our approach to telemarketing really is that simple. We offer you a unique, professional and highly successful service that will win you new clients and move your business forward.

Buy your monthly package today and meet your virtual telemarketer who will take the strain.


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