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Infusionsoft Expediter™

Infusionsoft Expediter
Make the changes today to secure a more profitable future tomorrow!

Infusionsoft is a MUST HAVE if you want to succeed in this industry, however the setting up and managing of it can be time consuming and we all know how precious time is. So, that’s where we come in. Here at MSP Expediter, we can set it up and manage it for you – saving you precious hours to concentrate on your bottom line!

We will set up Infusionsoft to optimize your contact management for all your MSP marketing campaigns (QBRs, cross-sells and upsells, 9-word email, bad date etc.). We will also set it up with Plus This for your webinars and ensure it is compatible with your other software for the webinars as well as synchronizing your calendars (Infusionsoft and O365/Google) and have a multiple entry appointment system directly into Infusionsoft and tagging.

The next step is to add your contacts and apply the correct settings to each contact, adding them to any relevant drip marketing campaigns that you may have from TMTK. Finally, we will scrub and qualify all your contacts currently in IS. We will use our proven strategy to create custom information so you can look at it at a glance and know everything you need about your clients and leads. We sort them into buckets for marketing and cross-selling and upselling. We organize your tags and categories so you know everything action your contact has done with you.

The final step in this vital process is to manage your ongoing marketing. We will add new contacts to your drip campaign(s), set up a monthly campaign each month, and set up and assist with (introduction, monitoring for questions etc.) a monthly webinar for you.

Call us today! to integrate Infusionsoft into your daily working routine.

With the constant changes in digital marketing techniques and the countless new websites, social media accounts and email campaigns being created every day it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.


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