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EOS Expediter™

EOS Expediter
A well run business is crucial to success

There are always things to learn in business and improvements can and should always be made – to products, to sales aids, to training processes and to the way things are organized.

By choosing the EOS package, you can rest assured that we will get your VTO set up and in order. This will include the setting up of your Accountability Chart, People Organizer etc. Then we will help you with rolling out EOS throughout your organization - including the use of scorecards, metrics and other time management necessities. Without proper controls over yours and your employees’ time, it will be impossible to work to maximum efficiency. With software such as the Kanban board, employees can update their current and future tasks so you can monitor and delegate to the best of your ability. Scorecards are an excellent way for employees to monitor their weekly work schedule, to focus on completing their given tasks. If your team of staff is managed effectively, your business will thrive. Only once they can see for themselves how productive they really are can they improve.

We will implement your software and set everything up for you. We will also help you with your L10 meetings by facilitating your IDS and keeping to the agenda and times.

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