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Marketing During the Lockdown: Things to Consider

calendar  April 15, 2020

So, you have planned an estimate workload of your team for the weeks ahead. But then, everything goes on lockdown in your city. What do you do now?

The first thing to do is to keep yourself level-headed. Your mindset will affect your decisions with dealing with the current situation. Also keep in mind that your team's morale and client's confidence will depend on how you can handle things, whether you go business as usual, or introduce changes into your workflow.

Now that your head is in the right place, here are some things to consider when moving forward with your business during these trying times.

Every Business is Different

Keep in mind that while you may cater the same product to clients, there are a variety of factors that may differ for everyone. Companies that are already structured in a work-from-home basis may have fewer things to adjust compared to a firm that originally focused on an office setting. If your clients are also looking to shift to work from home setups themselves, you can help them with the transition, provided that you also have experience with it beforehand.

There's also the factor of what type of products or services your client offers, as it may not be as severely affected as others are.

Basically, you need to take stock of which teams will be affected or not, which ones will see a influx or loss of clients, and reallocate resources as necessary.

Online Traffic is Surging - Take Advantage of It

Since everyone is staying home, online traffic is surging. More and more people are now doing their shopping and getting their services online, both for personal and business purposes. So it is actually a good time advise your clients to boost their efforts into content marketing, social media marketing, and even PPCs. You can improve upon their brand online, while tapping your other departments and shifting their services to digital marketing for the mean time.

Again, you still have to factor in the type of product or service that your client provides. If it is a product or service that may not see much use during the time of the lockdown, then it would be wiser to advise your clients to pause subscription and continue after everything blows over. You'll get their respect for your honesty, and most likely get their business again afterwards.

Cutting Losses should be the Last Option

For those that are losing clients due to cost-cutting and just poor returns due to the circumstances, it would be the easiest thing to downsize themselves, and just keep the teams that are currently handling the ones that are generating income for the company.

It is actually not advisable to do this. Remember, this situation will not last for a long time, and after it is over, you'll probably have an influx of old and new clients coming in. If you downsize during this time, you will find yourself short-staffed and facing further delays.

So, if possible, relocate those who will become idle first, or have them train or retool for another team. Only if you've exhausted all options should you resort to such actions.

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