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4 Reasons You Should Use SMS Platforms in 2020

calendar  March 18, 2020

With technology moving so fast nowadays, we have never felt closer to each other than the last one hundred years. From catching up with old friends to starting up a new business, almost anything can now be done from the palm of your hands. It has been twenty-four years since the first text was ever sent and mobile technology has come so far that it is now a part of our daily routine.

This also paved the way for the importance of SMS platforms between business and its clients as it cuts away the time in needs to give them services which in return makes your client happy and would want to render your services again. Because of its popularity among customers, texting is the single most beneficial tool any business can use in order for them to prosper and here are four reasons you should use SMS platforms.

Embracing SMS Platforms and Tools

Virtually, there are several SMS platforms and tools you can use to complement your main call tracking software to boost your ability to track conversations and keep your business and customers connected. There’s a plethora of reasons why you need to start integrating an SMS system to your marketing campaigns. Here are the top four reasons why you should.

SMS gives you the edge against your competitors.

In order to stand out from the opposition, you will need to offer customers something that makes you unique from the rest. A more personal approach to clients makes them feel that you treat them like people and not like atm machines which in turn would make them choose your services instead that of your competitors.

People respond to SMS far more often than phone call or emails.

According to a study 95% of business-related text were read and responded to within 3 minutes while only 14% of phone calls to businesses were answered without being placed on hold, and only 20% of emails were even opened at all. With this kind of figures given out, it is only natural for any business to utilize the texting tool.

Your competitors may be using it already.

Of course, they would – this is a competition after all. Any kind of business who wants to be on the top of the hill would have realized the importance of texting when it comes to getting and maintaining clients and even at some cases – stealing clients. Having good and close communication among your clients and the speedy rendering of your services in comparison to your completion is the very foundation of your business’ survival.

People always have their mobile devices with them.

This one is pretty obvious isn’t it? we all spend about 16 hours a day with our mobile devices and that includes you and your clients. This makes you always just a button away from responding to the needs of your clients and the best part about this is that texting is affordable and highly effective at reaching people.

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