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Here at MSP Expediter we have expert teams with a wealth of experience in marketing, copywriting, editing, graphic design, software development, website design, creation and management, business development and admin.

We are ready to take your business to the next level.

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Mark Shehan

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Mark is the owner and founder of Pioneering Programmers and has been writing software for 40 years (writing his first program in 1977).

When he first arrived in the US in 2006, he had his own MSP business and joined TMTK before becoming a Producers Club member. He started to mentor other PC members over four years ago and so far to date, has mentored over 60 business owners for TMTK with more to come after Boot Camp.

On top of this success, Mark is also a Client Coach for TMTK, coaching Rapid Implementation groups and Accelerators. He has won Accountability Group of the Year, twice, and was a Better Your Best finalist in 2015. He was very successful in converting all TMTKs teachings and strategies to work for Software development.

He fully understands the needs of the MSP and this led to the business model for Pioneering Programmers and the decision to provide services exclusively to MSPs in a way that works with all models; especially the All You Can Eat (AYCE) plans.

Mark is currently working on creating ‘Robinized’ marketing materials for all Pioneers to send to clients and prospects.


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